Quickstart: The game-changer for channel incentive management

A significant portion of many tech companies’ revenue is driven by their channel partners. When a company is selling through an indirect channel, it will have to deal with various types of partners who sell into different segments and verticals.

These partners may have different expectations (in terms of incentives) from their vendor/supplier company. As an organization looks to sustain/boost growth, they require more and more channel partners to sell their products and services.

But managing these channel relationships becomes a daunting task without a robust incentive management program.

However, even with an incentive management solution in place, some companies face two potential challenges: 

  1. Historically, commercial Incentive Automation solutions have taken too long to implement. 
  2. Some companies may be attempting to run their incentive programs on a spreadsheet – which doesn’t scale, lacks a critical partner experience, and is fraught with miscalculations, undocumented “traps”, and bugs. 

We understand the importance of a strong channel incentive program and we have a quick-to-implement solution to support your growth goals – Fielo Quickstart. 

Fielo Quickstart comes inbuilt with 5 single-action incentives and 5 multi-action incentives. In this post, we will talk about the 5 single-action incentives.

Single-action incentives reward channel partners each time they perform a desired activity (more about the multi-action incentives in a subsequent post).

In addition to these 10 pre-populated incentives, Fielo has streamlined the implementation of the Quickstart product via: 

  • a more prompted Q&A interface 
  • a prescribed workflow 
  • predefined front-end portal templates (for the partner experience)

What are the 5 single-action incentives?

This incentive rewards channel partners for securing the registration process and certifying that they agree to its Terms and Conditions.

This incentive rewards channel partners for closed deals.

This incentive rewards channel partners for closed deals involving new customers.

This incentive rewards channel partners for closed deals involving new customers.

This incentive rewards channel partners for cross-selling and upselling.

These single-action incentives are independent of each other, so you don’t need to activate all of them at once. Make sure you choose the most relevant to your business goals. And remember, you don’t have to necessarily know all the details for configuring these incentives.

The incentives are pre-configured; all that’s needed is a one-time setup to configure the parameters (e.g., rebate percentages), and — voila —  your incentive program is in production. 

Up until now, no one has addressed the challenges that keep a tech company from running fast with the right incentives for their channel partners.  Now Fielo Quickstart is here for you.

For more on Fielo Quickstart, visit our Quickstart page or

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