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The solution: a modern incentive program

You want them to market better
You want them to sell better
Provide a great customer experience
You want them to know more

Fielo Incentive and Loyalty Automation Platform

Fielo is loyalty made simple. A Salesforce-native Loyalty and Incentives Platform, we help organizations of all sizes modernize their channel incentives and loyalty programs and transform them into a powerful competitive advantage.

Fielo’s powerful and configurable platform provides the flexibility and security a company needs to really drive behaviors and incentives and achieve company goals. Organizations worldwide rely on the Fielo Incentives and Loyalty Platform to create and manage their channel incentives, customer loyalty, and employee incentives programs.

But incentive programs are complicated

Complicated program parameters and interfaces. Different stakeholders with different goals. Managing it all with spreadsheets or custom-built systems. A nightmare.

Enter Fielo

We make incentives simple

Program design and management

Use point-and-click to define incentive specifications and rules

Partner experience

Design/provide a partner portal with the information and tools they need

Best-practice guidance

Utilize Fielo’s “how-to” workshops and online learning resources

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Features that help you boost your channel incentive program performance

With Fielo, you can create an engaging incentive program that will drive high participation and will exceed your performance goals.

Be more relevant

Channel partner segmentation

Level management

Individual, team or company targeting

Multi-language support

Set achievement goals

Single-action incentives

Multi-actions incentives


Pre-defined goal models


Progress tracking

Get them to do the right things

Sales behaviors

Marketing behaviors

Engagement behaviors

Customer experience behaviors

Commerce behaviors

Learning behaviors

Determine the value of what they do

Multiple reward types

Rebate management

Payout management/integration

Budget management

Multi-incentive reward capping

Level based rewarding

Global reward catalog

Communicate your program effectively

External messaging integration

Incentive actions messaging

Email campaigns

Get insights into how you are doing

Pre-built report and dashboards

Goal settings for KPIs

Program performance metrics

Member performance metrics

Program administration

Multi program

Incentive templating

Incentives scheduler

Member Consent Management

Lightning Components for partner portal


External messaging provider

Salesforce B2B Commerce

External Reward Provider

Open APIs for data integration

Open API for 3rd party portal

Incentive Simulator API (simulationService)

Reward program types

Different types of incentive programs to simplify rewards management, including:

Points program

Channel partners earn points – redeemable for rewards – on meeting or exceeding incentive goals.

Rebate program

Channel partners earn rebates on product sales, for the sale itself, or for contributing behaviors that result in the sale.

Spiff program

Channel partners’ employees earn cash, instant rewards, or prepaid cards by meeting and exceeding incentive goals.

Funds program

Channel partners earn market development funds, co-op funds, or other types of subsidy funds.

Referral program

Channel partners earn referral fees for referring leads. Calculated based on lead quality, deal size, vertical industry, or other criteria.

Level program

Channel partners earn credits based on performance criteria that accelerates their growth from one level to the next highest level.

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