Fielo unveils its employee incentives solution

RIO DE JANEIRO and SAN FRANCISCO – Nov. 14, 2019 – Fielo, the pioneer in loyalty and incentives automation, today announced the general availability of its solution for incentivizing employee behavior, Fielo Employee Incentives. This is the latest addition to Fielo’s Salesforce-native Loyalty and Incentives Clouds. Fielo Employee Incentives empowers enterprises to quickly and easily build impactful programs that incentivize employee engagement on the Salesforce CRM, including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Platform, and ISV Apps.

According to Gartner, CRM is the largest and fastest-growing enterprise software category today and Salesforce is the global leader in CRM, with more than 22% market share. However, CRM adoption by employees remains a challenge. Fielo for Employee Incentives acts as insurance for companies that invest in Salesforce, allowing enterprises to incentive behaviors that ensure broader Salesforce adoption and a better return on their investment.

“Companies around the globe are making significant investments in their CRM, relying on it to manage big chunks of their business. Fielo Employee Incentives allows businesses to drive deeper engagement and adoption of their CRM, whether that’s sales reps, service agents, or any other customer-facing employee. When employees are incentivized to take the correct actions, forecasts are more precise, SLAs are more likely to be met, and general business performance is higher,” said Sanjay Agarwal, chief executive officer at Fielo.

In another announcement today, the company outlined its vision for using loyalty and incentives to assist in putting customers, employees, and channel partners first.

Digital has transformed how marketers market and how salespeople sell, but loyalty and incentives have been largely left behind, forcing companies to rely on expensive, complex, and slow-moving agencies or limited spreadsheets. Fielo is loyalty and incentives made simple, allowing organizations of all sizes to create powerful incentives and loyalty programs in minutes or hours rather than weeks or months. If a company’s data is in Salesforce, programs can be created and any process in an organization’s CRM or PRM can be incentivized.

Companies like Country Road Group, Syngenta, Schneider Electric, Pantero, and Terpel have made big CRM investments and enjoy the simplicity, power, and flexibility of Fielo managing their channel and customer programs. With the addition of Fielo Employee Incentives, Fielo is extending the power of its Incentives Cloud to an organization’s most valuable asset, its employees.

Latest Fielo Loyalty and Incentives Clouds ushers in the next wave of CRM

With the announcement of Fielo Employee Incentives today, Fielo customers have a powerful solution for ensuring their CRM investment and driving deeper adoption of it. Now, companies are equipped to incentivize their sales teams and contact center staff to leverage the company’s investment in CRM more effectively. Sales teams can be rewarded or spiffed to fully embrace the company’s prescribed sales methodology – from forecasts to contracts. And contact center teams can be incentivized to close tickets faster and engender a superior customer experience.

More information on Fielo Employee Incentives and the Fielo Loyalty and Incentives Clouds can be found here.

To learn more about Fielo Employee Incentives, visit booth #1138 at Dreamforce 2019.

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