Traditional Learning Management Systems do little to handle learning beyond regulatory HR mandates. That’s because they’re often inflexible and difficult to administer, requiring you to bend to their requirements when it should be the other way around. 

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A training & learning management system that lives up to your brand experience

Fielo LEARNING goes beyond traditional learning management systems to drive on-demand microlearning for important company dynamics, such as:

  • new products or service offerings
  • business processes and systems
  • corporate goals
  • bonus/incentive programs
  • organizational structure changes

Train employees — including your sales team, contact center, field service, marketing, product management, engineering, accounting, and HR — like never before by integrating individualized learning with promotions, gamification, social media, and rewards-based loyalty techniques.

Engaging and effective training available anytime, anywhere

  • Assess user and group participation with reporting to spot trends or gaps in learning for future program direction
  • Dynamic delivery provides a personalized experience for each user
  • Integrated community enriches the learning experience and elevates thought leaders, extending into social media
  • Fast and easy content creation with no IT support required ensures up-to-date content for users

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Solutions for your Marketing & Sales Challenges

Sales training

Your sales team will respond to Fielo LEARNING, where learning, recruitment, and leadership are rewarded.

Partner training

Foster deeper engagement with your products and services, enabling partners to market your brand better than ever before.

Customer support

Use training as a way to ensure accurate and supportive customer support.

Training as content

Keep users engaged with exciting learning content that can be repurposed for other channels.

Learning Platform Features

Create mixed-media content

Quickly and easily create and publish a variety of content, including quizzes, assessments, videos and resource materials.

Manage learning plans & curriculum 

Group related content together to ultimately measure completion and comprehension.

Gamify with incentives and rewards

Drive excitement and engagement with eLearning that integrates promotions, awards and gamification.